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Oct 29, 2012 6:00am EDT
it, then hurricane irene was because of the storm. here, can you easily see we've already got some light rainfall. rainfall. this will increase and spread and get heavier and steadier once we move into the course of the day as the system gets closer to us. just be very prepared. flooding issues everywhere as well as strong winds. what we'll begin with is a look at the spaghetti model. this has been a real key for you as we put together the forecast on this. the spaghetti models are coming together. it looks thick it will be right through this entire area of this cone of uncertainty right near in terms of landfall. still a cat -- category one hurricane. look like tonight into tomorrow in terms of landfall before it becomes a remnant low f you -- if you take a look at how wide this cone is here, that is an indication of just how far the reach will be in term of the impact of the winds. the wind ill be major factor here because they will be very strong. we are talking wind that could pick up to 60 to 70 plus mile posterior -- mile per hour in term of gusts. with these strong winds, it
Oct 3, 2012 6:00am EDT
here work he can predict our natural disasters. last year, with we've had hurricane irene. next time you go to visit washington monument, it is close because we have an earthquake here too. we do see plenty of action around here. i think weather-wise, we have much more in the way of extremes than most the country. we can be 105 in the summertime appear zero in the winter. >> which makes predid iing the weather in this region quite interesting. >> makes it fun. >> we are not out of the woods but we don't get major earthquakes here. it could happen. some of the other things that tucker talked about occur with some regularity. >> we have flooding issues here every year. most winters with the exception of last winter, we get a lot of ice and snow. >> parts of region do suffer from drought conditions from time to time. >> let me ask too because he is in warrenton. is it different than what we experience sometime close are in to d.c.? even with snow. >> subtle differences. but yeah, this whole area generally has the same kind of weather. >> okay. >> thank you, tucker. >>> nathaniel thank y
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2